Anjna wanted to be a doctor and help sick people as a young girl. She could not go to medical field but always helped family members when they were sick. Her journey started with aerobics and yoga more then 3 decades a go. She was sick and ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks and 6 weeks at home before she could go to her regular job. Her search started at that time and urge to help people in pain grew stronger. She went to 3 different yoga disciplines; learned Pranayama, Meditation Healing Mudras, Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Anjna is a  Certified Usui & Karuna Reiki Master with 23 years'experience in teaching Reiki and treating clients in India , Vancouver, Medicine Hat College as well as privately.  Now in Calgary.  She teaches Reiki from level 1 to Mastership in Usui & Karuna Reiki systems in Calgary , Medicine Hat, Okotoks, High River and Priddis.  She has 35 years' experience in Yoga and Pranayama and uses  Pranic Healing, Color and Crystal  therapies  along with Reiki for clients. Anjna is a Law graduate from India and has worked in Accounting for a decade and now is pursuing her soul's urge of Healing Work by devoting herself to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in the community. Has experience in Transcendental & Vipassana Meditation.

Anjana's other classes:

Pranayama ( Yoga Breathing )

Combination of Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama ( yoga breathing ) and Relaxation for various health issues like diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, back problems, menopause and Heart conditions.

  • Meditation
  • Pranic Healing
  • Healing Mudras ( Yoga for hands )  
  • Quit Smoking with Pranayama ( Yoga Breathing )

East Indian Vegetarian Cooking

3SRB and Refining exercises: 

This is a free presentation for a group of more than 15 people with the    arrangement of the place for presentation include live demo of how to do these breathing exercises to maintain health. 

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Mission: Teach Reiki and treat maximum people to spread wellness in the                                community.

Vision:   All health care practitioners and at least one person in the family learning                 Reiki.

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Heart Burn was gone. Last night I felt like sending Reiki to one of my student and friend suffering from lyme disease and called me in the morning telling about all her problems and mentioned that she is not working due to her problems. I sent her Reiki about 9.30 pm. This morning I felt like calling her and ask give her some information on Meditation retreat and just mentioned that I felt like sending Reiki to her and sent for about 20 minutes. She laughed and told me that in the evening she had heart burn and did not eat. but just before 10 pm. her heart burn suddenly was gone and than she could eat!!!!! I just sent her reiki with the intention of it to work for her highest good and where she needed it most. and she got the result. Reiki is amazing.