Why I am in the Healing field?

As a young girl i wanted to be a Doctor and help sick people. Somehow I could not get chance to go medical field. As such I use to help any one sick in the family. Burning heart desire came in to reality at age of 50 for me. -- Yes I came to know about Reiki !!! did not know anything about it except it is for healing. My skeptical mind did not have any question or doubt. Just went to learned Reiki!!! From day one was confident about it and after 2nd level even distant healing results were so powerful that I finished my Reiki Master level in Usui Reiki in 1998. Started teaching Reiki and treating client. My students also stared treating clients with wonderful results and some of them started even teaching Reiki.I learned karuna Reiki in 2002. Went to a Reiki retreat organized by International Centre for Reiki Training in USA in 2006. Still teaching Reiki and treating clients. Wonderful journey. I am so grateful that I found Reiki. My personal definition for Reiki is one word---- Grace---- where thoughts stops and make me prayerful -- totally absorbed.

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One girl who is CA learned reiki level 1 & 2

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Taught Reiki level 2 class to a girl who has done CA. Feeling great joy of knowing that more professionals are interested in Reiki .

If you feel guided to learn reiki or receive a treatment, Please call me 403-201-1514, text 403-926-8675 OR email

Taught reiki level 1 to 2 dr. girls and their mother.

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Feel honoured to teach reiki level 1 to 2 Dr. girls with their mom yesterday and day before. One is Neurologist and other is doing residency in USA. I am glad that younger generation in medical field is open to Reiki energy healing and willing to learn

If you feel guided to learn reiki or receive a treatment, please pm me or call me 403-201-1514, text 403-926-8675 -- email

Easiest East indian Vegetarian Recipes book for sale

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Have you ever tried mouth-watering East Indian food? Are you in the process of becoming vegetarian and do not know what to eat? Already vegetarian/ vegan/looking for tasty gluten free or dairy free recipes? Are you calorie conscious? Want to spend minimum time in the kitchen?Then this recipe book is for you.

it is downloadable. $20.  Link to buy

As a healer, I have included BENEFITS OF VEGETARIAN DIET, SOME CAUTIONS AND TIPS WHILE TURNING VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN AND THE SOURCES OF BALANCED DIET. The spices to use are for taste, flavour, good digestion, and have medicinal usages according to Indian Ayurveda.

This book has quick recipes, staple food, spicy dishes, desserts, Variety of flat breads, Shak( vegetables), Savoury Chutneys(sausages) and hot beverages.


No Spam Please

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Please do not post anything on this page except reviews on my services





Corona virus situation-- calming your self

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In this time of feeling scared with corona virous , I am sending you this meditation from the leader of the spiritual path that I am following called Self Realization Fellowship. which is very re assuring and calming. If you do not follow this path, simply listen in the meditative state from 13 minutes to 29 minutes. It gives extra protection layer of divine light. and beautiful way of prayer. After that if you feel like may meditate as long as you are comfortable and then go to 1 hour 5 minutes till you feel good for the healing prayer for the world.


wish you all health and Happiness.

special case

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Last week one lady reiki master came for a treatment going through some short of life style change with down sizing. she had lots of tension and stress. I got some inner guidance about her chakras that her 2nd and 4th chakras needs more to affirm that, I checked her chakras and my intuition was correct. I gave her full body treatment and then asked her about her life came to know that she did not have any children. No surprise-- She had 2 weak feminine chakras.

I asked her to be more loving and kind to herself and others and not all the times doing doing doing. simply being and give permission to herself to enjoy life. giving everyday time to herself to do things that she loves to do for joy at least for half an hour. She understood it Her face brightened after treatment and went happily home

This is wonder of reiki. during treatment get lots of inner guidance to help them mentally and emotionally and help clients to help themselves by making changes in there life style for permanent results.

If you have any some such problem and want to have permanent result contact me for help

Unique problem solved by Reiki treatment

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One unique Healing case: a girl came with fibroid problem --suffering with pain for 4 months and not going to work for 2 months Scared of surgery-- had one miscarriage and often had problems of cyst. I checked her Chakras-- energy centers -- and all male centers were aligned and all female centers were out of balance. I ask her about it and she told me that she lost her father in young age and being younger child she was raised like a boy. Her blood report also showed more male hormones. After very first treatment she decided to go for the party because pain was reduced. It took 3 full body treatments and 2 mini treatments to get chakras balanced. meantime her pain was totally gone and in a weeks time she got her periods. So we assumed that her fibroid got dissolved. No more pain. After that she got another blood test where it showed her hormones are balanced!!! Hoping to get pregnant soon !!! she choose to learn reiki to help her further and completed 2 levels and looking forward to become reiki master!!!

I am so happy for her. Great deal of satisfaction for me of being at service and for my client --turning in to student !!! she can now help others..

What a wonderful healing modality!!! I call it a grace that helps to heal almost all problems 

client with Acid Reflux

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Recently had a client with 20 years of suffering from Acid refluxes for a treatment. After first reiki treatment, I talked with her in details about her life style and guided with changes in diet as preventive measure to stop more acid getting produced. I taught her 2 yoga postures to do --one before eating any thing and one after eating--- to keep the valve closed between stomach and food pipe.--- When she came for a second treatment after a week, I asked her to let me know how much difference she found in a week after treatment and following the instruction--- she told 90% !!!

Reiki and Trusting

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Reiki and Trusting:

Reiki and trusting people--- When we try to live reiki principles

do not anger

do not worry

be honest

have gratitude

love all

We tend to trust people and never get cheated.

Way back in 2005, when I was at entrepreneurs course, our marketing teacher asked that, how you get your payment/ I said by cash or cheque. He asked do you take it before service or after service? I said whenever one pays. His third question was if afterwards some one may not pay you and if cheque bounces what would you do? I spontaneously told that that kind of thing will not happen and it is my conviction. Reiki is a sacred energy and any one will fill guided to come to have treatment or learn will not have any intention on not paying.

One girl wanted to learn 2nd level of Reiki and could not afford to pay when i had class and see said she can pay in installment and gave me cheque for the half amount of current date and post dated cheque for the rest. I could cash the cheque without any trouble.

There after in 2 incidents same thing happened -- Never got cheated.

So far only one cheque bounced and even before I called my client she called me to say sorry and brought cash very next day!!! I told her that if she would have told me, I could have waited to deposit the cheque. More surprising thing happened with one client after her accident, she could afford only for 3 treatments and wanted to have more treatments. So she gave me the ph. no and address of her Lawyer how was handling her insurance claim and told me when she will get insurance money, she will pay me. I agreed and gave her more treatments. There after she became my friend. I never asked her about money for nearly 3 years. Her health deteriorated and she was in palliative care i visited her at hospital and nursing home 3- 4 times. Finally she passed away. I went for her funeral. Some of her other friends talked about her with very nice words. They said 'she was always on giving side. After her accident, it was time to give her back.' I felt happy thinking that at least my services were provided to the deserving person.

But I got surprise in a mail 6 months after---- guess what? I received a cheque for my remaining fees from her lawyer's office!!!