Why I am in the Healing field?

As a young girl i wanted to be a Doctor and help sick people. Somehow I could not get chance to go medical field. As such I use to help any one sick in the family. Burning heart desire came in to reality at age of 50 for me. -- Yes I came to know about Reiki !!! did not know anything about it except it is for healing. My skeptical mind did not have any question or doubt. Just went to learned Reiki!!! From day one was confident about it and after 2nd level even distant healing results were so powerful that I finished my Reiki Master level in Usui Reiki in 1998. Started teaching Reiki and treating client. My students also stared treating clients with wonderful results and some of them started even teaching Reiki.I learned karuna Reiki in 2002. Went to a Reiki retreat organized by International Centre for Reiki Training in USA in 2006. Still teaching Reiki and treating clients. Wonderful journey. I am so grateful that I found Reiki. My personal definition for Reiki is one word---- Grace---- where thoughts stops and make me prayerful -- totally absorbed.

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client with Acid Reflux

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Recently had a client with 20 years of suffering from Acid refluxes for a treatment. After first reiki treatment, I talked with her in details about her life style and guided with changes in diet as preventive measure to stop more acid getting produced. I taught her 2 yoga postures to do --one before eating any thing and one after eating--- to keep the valve closed between stomach and food pipe.--- When she came for a second treatment after a week, I asked her to let me know how much differen...

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Reiki and Trusting

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Reiki and Trusting:

Reiki and trusting people--- When we try to live reiki principles

do not anger

do not worry

be honest

have gratitude

love all

We tend to trust people and neve...

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