Reiki and Animals

wonderful experience during walk on the road near Priddis farming land. On our way back We saw some cattle looking curiously towards us. when we passed by, all of them started following us in side the fence. We wonder why and suddenly I realize that I was sending distant Reiki to my brother in law in India and cattle must have sensed it and following us!!! I stopped and gave reiki to them by making my hands facing them for some time and then waved to them saying good bye. They stop following us. 

How sensitive the cattle then us human beings? They always respond positively to Reiki-- the divine energy.-- Earlier I have seen dogs, cats and horses getting healing  and/or demanding healing . There instinctive ability to feel energy is excellent. 

Places of my classes :

My classes are available in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Priddis, Okotoks and High River

Contact me to learn  or sponsor the classes.

by ph. 403-201-1514 or e-mail: 

To book appointment for treatment  or ask any question can contact me.

Calgary address is #3401-16969- 24th street S W 

Why I am in the Healing field?

As a young girl i wanted to be a Doctor and help sick people. Somehow I could not get chance to go medical field. As such I use to help any one sick in the family. Burning heart desire came in to reality at age of 50 for me. -- Yes I came to know about Reiki !!! did not know anything about it except it is for healing. My skeptical mind did not have any question or doubt. Just went to learned Reiki!!! From day one was confident about it and after 2nd level even distant healing results were so powerful that I finished my Reiki Master level in Usui Reiki in 1998. Started teaching Reiki and treating client. My students also stared treating clients with wonderful results and some of them started even teaching Reiki.I learned karuna Reiki in 2002. Went to a Reiki retreat organized by International Centre for Reiki Training in USA in 2006. Still teaching Reiki and treating clients. Wonderful journey. I am so grateful that I found Reiki. My personal definition for Reiki is one word---- Grace---- where thoughts stops and make me prayerful -- totally absorbed.

Long distant Healing for hormonal imbalance and emotional issue:

Yesterday, a client called from Medicine Hat having problem with hormones and feeling like her pituitary gland shutting down. she mentioned about having emotional issues. I checked her Chakras with my pendulum and found out that Major problem was with her solar Plexus and Heart Chakra besides some issues with her hara and 3rd eye chakra. I used special technique of aura clearing and emotional release. Normally in 3 attempt it can get cleared but in her case it did not happened so I asked her That it means the issue wants you to learn a lesson and if she is willing to do it and can share her emotional issue with me.She told that she was feeling rejected and it was back from her childhood. Her elder brothers and sisters were telling her that they want her to go away and do not need her. No wonder why her solar plexus and heart chakras were off balance. I did counselling and asked her to release it from conscious and subconscious mind by forgiving them since they were young at that time did not know what they were doing to her and it could create some such effects on her. Let it go and move forward. and then once again I did releasing technique on her. After that I asked her how she felt. she mentioned that she felt lighter and tension in her stomach area and pressure on her heart are gone!!! I checked her Solar plexus and heart chakras and they were balanced!!! She was thankful.

What a wonderful gift is Reiki!!! I thanked her, the universe and my teachers.

If you have any problems with chakras and hormonal system, call me at 403-201-1514 for treatment.

Reiki and Intuition:

Most of the times we get intuitions while giving

reiki. My husband had back pain yesterday. I gave him Reiki for about 15 minutes and he felt better. While giving him Reiki I got intuition that I should help him doing particular yoga posture in such a way that he can hold it for 3 to 5 minutes. So I asked him if he is willing to do it and he said yes. So I positioned him in the posture. After 4 minutes he came out from the posture and told me that his pain was gone by 75 %!!! and he felt sensations on that whole side holding that yoga posture and felt strength in that area. Usually I do not suggest this particular yoga pose for back pain but I trusted my intuition and got wonderful result. To-day also He did this yoga pose and his pain is almost gone.

Thanks to Intuition with Reiki.

Social Drinking:

At one of the craft sales, a girl met me. she was very qurious about Reiki and I offered her 10 minutes sample treatment. She told me that she wish she can win 30 minutes free treatment. In a lucky draw her sister won  30 minutes free treatment. she called me and ask if she can have it. I told her if her sister is willing to give it to her, it is fine with me. so she came for the treatment. she told me that, the day i gave her 10 minute treatment, at night she got a thought from nowhere to quit drinking  as such not a heavy drinkr but in social get to-gather  drinking often. Since the day of sample treatment, she had been to a pub and banff  several times but was fine with coke or water and did not fill like drinking again. so for further support, she chose to come for treatment.

Look at the wonders of Reiki!!!!

whenever i treat a client, I put intention of doing  highest good  of the person 

Reiki & Eczema

Treated a girl with eczema in her palms and on fore arms in mid March for 30 minutes with Reiki. She felt good . she came for the full body treatment 2 weeks a go. Showed her palm which were almost clear!!! Did some counselling. she came for the 3rd treatment on April 4th. Her palms were totally clear. After 3rd treatment she showed me her fore arm which had almost clear skin!!! Her all chakras got bigger and balanced except one. In her next treatment it will be balanced for sure.

Reiki & Chakra balancing:

Treated a client on Saturday who told me about having a problem with one chakra and wanted me to do chakra balancing. Instinctively I knew that he has a problem with 2 other chakras. During treatment the reason came to me intuitively that he had some childhood traumas or abuse and the problem is not just physical but mental and emotional. I asked him if what message I got was right and he said yes.--- I finished his treatment and gave him some extra tools to make the healing process faster and suggested 2 more treatments to complete the process. He was very happy with the treatment and glad to have 2 more treatments.

Reiki & Meditation

Reiki and meditation go well together. As such self Reiki treatment in itself is meditation. When we do reiki on our- selves, we get drifted into deep relaxed state as good as Alfa state. Clients experience deep meditative relaxation while receiving reiki treatment. Whosoever, has done meditation, can feel Reiki energy very easily and distinctly. They get involved in Reiki very fast if choose to learn and a Reiki practitioner can become good meditator.

When I took my first level of Reiki in 1996, I was meditating for 20 minutes almost every-day for about 4 months. I progressed up to Master level very fast and able to do powerful healing from long distance as soon as I had my second level of Reiki.

Two of my students were long time meditators. Their progress was very fast. I felt as if they were already there. I just needed to initiate them into all levels of Reiki. When they came for the first level of Reiki class, I could feel their powerful energy. Now they are successful Reiki teachers and practitioners.

During all levels of Reiki classes, I guide students into different kinds of meditations to enhance their reiki practice.

Reiki for Massage Therapists:

Reiki can blend very easily with massage. Reiki energy can relax the client and penetrate deeply. The result is lesser manual work for the therapists. It is useful for self- care to the therapists for grounding themselves. If they have aching hands after treating a client, reiki treatment on hands can prove useful.

Reiki is recognizes for continuing education by Massage Therapists Association of Alberta and Natural Health Practitioner of Canada Association. Reiki is accepted for contact hour for massage therapists in USA.

One client came for the treatment for the first time. She felt really good with stress release and relaxation. She uses to go for massage treatment once a month. Her treatment was due the next week. When she came for meditation class after a week, she told me that her massage therapist was surprised and asked her that what she did on her back? Earlier her muscles were so tight and needed now so much supple. Then my client told her therapist that she took reiki treatment. Both of them came to learn Reiki!!!

I have taught Reiki to some massage therapists and they are very happy that they took Reiki classes. Their own awareness and intuitive ability to work on the area of the body increased so their clients can relax deeply. The result more happy clients!!!

Reiki and Trusting:

Reiki and trusting people--- When we try to live reiki principles

do not anger

do not worry

be honest

have gratitude

love all

We tend to trust people and never get cheated.

Way back in 2005, when I was at entrepreneurs course, our marketing teacher asked that, how you get your payment/ I said by cash or cheque. He asked do you take it before service or after service? I said whenever one pays. His third question was if afterwords some one may not pay you and if cheque bounces what would you do?I spontaniously told that that kind of thing will not happen and it is my conviction. Reiki is a sacred energy and any one will fill guided to come to have treatment or learn will not have any intention on not paying.

One girl wanted to learn 2nd level of Reiki and could not afford to pay when i had class and see said she can pay in installment and gave me cheque for the half amount of current date and post dated cheque for the rest. I could cash the cheque without any trouble.

There after in 2 incidents same thing happened -- Neve got cheated.

so far only one cheque bounced and even before I called my client she called me to say sorry and brought cash very next day!!! I told her that if she would have told me , I could have waited to deposit the cheque.

More surprising thing happened with one client.-- After her accident, she could afford only for 3 treatments and wanted to have more treatments. so she gave me the ph. no and address of her Lawyer how was handling her insurance claim and told me when she will get insurance money, she will pay me. I agreed and gave her more treatments. There after she became my friend. I never asked her about money for nearly 3 years. Her health deteriorated and she was in palliative care i visited her at hospital and nursing home 3- 4 times. finally she passed away. I went for her funeral. some of her other friends talked about her with very nice words. They said 'she was always on giving side. after her accident, it was time to give her back.' I felt happy thinking that at least my services were provided to the deserving person.

But I got surprise in a mail 6 months after---- guess what? I received a cheque for my remaining fees from her lawyer's office!!!

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Heart Burn was gone. Last night I felt like sending Reiki to one of my student and friend sufferingn from lyme dises and called me in the morning telling about all her problems and mentioned that she is not workng due to her problems. I sent her Reiki about 9.30 pm. This morning I felt like calling her and ask give her some information on Meditation retreat and just mentioned that I felt like sending Reiki to her and sent for about 20 minutes. She laughed and told me that in the evening she had heart burn and did not eat. but just before 10 pm. her heart burn suddenly was gone and than she could eat!!!!! I just sent her reiki with the intention of it to work for her highest good and where she needed it most. and she got the result. Reiki is amazing.

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