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8:06 PM on January 26, 2017  by
I have received Reiki from Anjna and have found it so relaxing for the body and mind. It has also helped heal a few issues I have had in my body. Anjna is a very caring person and I would recommend Reiki from her anytime.

9:26 AM on April 22, 2019  by

The therapies with Anjna are healthy and relaxing. She is a person who knows her work very well, gives advice on how to live better in harmony. Totally recommended.

A thousand thanks the Anjna the Reiki teacher I have trained under for level 1.
Anjna's approach to her craft is sincere and authentic!
The course I attended had an Intimate group size that allowed for properly guided training and a stress free learning environment.
I am most grateful for Anjna?s affordable prices and genuine energy towards helping others and her practice. I feel blessed to be her student and plan on advancing my skills through her school.
A thousand blessing...
Libra P.R


I met Anjna Brahmbhatt at one of Gujarati Mandal’s seminar for Reiki and friends gathering and decided to learn Reiki with her. Anjna is a very knowledgeable Reiki Master and teacher.
Thank you Anjna for my Reiki Level 1 session. I want you to know I slept so well last night. And my lower back pain has not bothered me last night or all day. Usually I am sore to turn or sore when sleeping on my back. That pain is not there. So thank you for that.

Anjna is a talented Reiki practitioner. She welcomed me with her warm and compassionate energy, and worked with my specific concerns wholeheartedly. We worked on emotional blockages and I felt very safe and comfortable working with her. I felt lighter, happier and more free after the experience. Her knowledge and kindness makes for an amazing practitioner and an amazing person. :)

8:06 PM on January 26, 2017  by
I have received Reiki from Anjna and have found it so relaxing for the body and mind. It has also helped heal a few issues I have had in my body. Anjna is a very caring person and I would recommend Reiki from her anytime.

Anjna is a very kind gentle lady...I had a very relaxing session with her.

Anjna is a charming, calming person, and a gifted Reiki healer. After my initial first appointment last week I found a significant improvement in my lower back pain also my sleep was much improved. I fully intent to see Anjna for additional Reiki sessions. I can see the benefits to my health and wellbeing. Thank you and look for my first ever experience of Reiki. :)

Anjna is a Master Reiki Master and teacher. To be a master healer I believe you must master your own life first which Anjna reflects. I highly recommend Anjna for your energetic health and if you are wanting to learn more about the benefits or becoming a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Anjna has the intuitive guidance to open your energetic pathways thus assisting your innate healing to begin.

Charlene Comeau

I am thanking you for Tuesday night ... the evening was a success - I have been having trouble with bowel movements since the operation but no more.... Thank-you..
Gail Fuller
bowel movements trouble after hip replacement surgery

I was diagnosed with thymus cancer and had lots of aches and pain in my body. with very first treatment i felt much pain relief and relaxation so I got 4 treatments from her during that she did aura clearing and chakra balancing; showed me some easy breathing exercises to maintain my health, showed me preparation of some easy light dishes . she also suggested some mental work to clear anger and resentment from my system. I am so grateful to her that she is not after my money. She taught Reiki to me for self treatment so that I can keep my energy up all the times. when my chemo started, I took treatments from her after each chemo and my side effects were almost nil!!! She is friendly and cares by phoning me of and on. I appreciate her help and recommend her treatment to any one. Thanks Anjna
Cancer and Chemo

I have learned Reiki up to level 3A and Pranic Healing from Anjna and have started my practice. I have been able to help a client heal her migraines in just 3 treatment.--- she was so happy with it. One other person having some growth in side nose, that melted down in 3 treatment and the person is so happy These are just few examples. I use Reiki for my daughter my husband and my self whenever it is needed all the times with success!!!! Anjna is a good teacher. she makes it sure that I got it right she is very friendly and compassionate at heart. Thanks Anjna
Meena Dalwadi
Happy student.

I had lots of water retention in my body and body was not able to get rid of it. Cancer recurred and I was going through chemo ---- At that time I had blotted tummy and compressor bandages around my feet for swellings. I went to Anjna's place for socialization. But in 5 minutes started talking about my complications. Anjna asked me if I wish, She can give me Reiki for half an hour with a special technique called 'aura clearing', which had helped 5 other clients. So I agreed. She started giving me Reiki and with in 10 minutes I needed to go to the washroom. In half an hour I went to the washroom twice again. At the end of a session my bandages got loosened up and I showed her how my pant also loosened up at waist . Not only that, but I felt calm and relaxed. So I took 3 more full body treatments from her and brought my mom for a Reiki treatment from Anjna she also felt energized with a single treatment! Thanks Anjna & Reiki !!!!
Pillar Silva
Cancer & water retention

I was at Reiki level 1 class at Medicine Hat College. Anjna was teaching the class. I had pain and limping while walking and in a month's time was to go for surgery. After attunment and self treatment, my pain was gone and limping was less. I was at ease going up and down the stairs. After surgery it healed so fast that I was surprised and then decided to learn level 2 and 3 A to continue helping my self and family members at any time some one may have problem. Thanks to Reiki and Anjna
Judy Chalmer
Hip replacement surgery and Reiki

Anjna Helped my daughter Tara during Pregnancy. so decided to take treatment from her. My knuckles were swollen. and had pain in hands and feet. After very first treatment, my pain in feet was almost gone and my hands felt better. After 2nd treatment I could move my hand better and could open bottle cap that I was not able to . I started feeling much better with 3 treatments and on my 6th treatment she did aura clearing which helped me with lots of emotional release and further helped me with deep rooted pain. I also sent my husband to take treatment for his aches and pains. I decided to learn Reiki. Learned level 1 and looking forward to learning level 2. Anjna is very friendly and I love to visit with her and thank her and Reiki!!!!
Rheumatoid Arthritis

I had unexplained chest pain and I met Anjna at one expo. She gave sample treatment that impressed me so i went for a regular treatment and with first treatment my pain was almost gone. So I took 3 treaaments and so far learned Reiki up to level 3A. so I can treat my self, friends and my hourses. For last 2 years I do not have any Pain!!!! I am greatful to Reiki and to Anjna. She is always available for me if i have any question.
Leslie Gill
Unexplained chest pain

I asked Anjna to come to my ranch and treat my horses. She came with Her other student/ Reiki Master to my ranch. Both started giving Reiki to horses and to my surprise, horses came closer to them and brought their head out from fence. I did not tell them about the problems with horses and just asked Anjna if she can tell and she told me about each horse's problem.I was impressed when she told about one horse that It has problem with trusting. That particular horse was coming from an abusive family!!!!
Leslie Gill
My horses

I had the desire to study energy work and searching for a great Reiki master I found Anjna. She fit me in for a class and after taking level one I was so excited with this new blessing. I felt the energy working immediately not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. I continued all my levels and became a Reiki Master. I am thankful for the amazing experience and for having such an inspirational teacher. Anjna is always available when I have questions or want to share my new experiences with reiki. We talk on the phone and love to update each other about the blessing that reiki bring us. It has bring great joy to my life and now, like Anjna taught me, I am expanding this teachings and blessings to those that reiki choose to bring to my sessions and future classes. I am forever grateful for finding Reiki and You, Anjna.
Andrea Huiza
Reiki Master

I am having cancer and tumors in my intestines and lungs. Earlier I when I was 19, while working on car, car fell on me and since that, I have aching hips and shoulders. My sister suggested me to take reiki treatments from Anjna. With a very first treatment, I got relieved from my hip pain and my sore and stiff muscles. It gave me a sense of wellbeing. After 3 treatments, I reduced my pain medicine down to almost nothing. I desided to learn Reiki level 1 and after that I sleep better. Thanks Reiki and Anjna
Lee Barry
Patient with lots of aches and pain and cancer became student  

My sister in law had sever diabetes and with insulin injection twice a day, her diabetes was not coming in control for removal of cataract. I came to know about Anjna and Reiki and suggested my sister in law to contact Anjna. She had learned Reiki level 1 about 7 years a go and after initial practice she did not practice. Anjna suggested her to learn reiki level 2 and start practising every day on her own. She learned from Anjna Reiki level 2 and practised every day . After 2 weeks her diabetes came in control and got cataract removed from one eye and after 2 more week got other eye cataract removed. She also had arthritis, blood pressure and skin problems . With Reiki everything started getting improved. So kind of Anjna and have patience and care in teaching her and help her to heal herself. Thanks Anjna!
Meena Thakkar
Diabetes and Cataract 

For more then 6 months I was not able to open my mouth to eat. I was on sami liquid diet. I came to know about Anjna and Reiki treatment from one of my clients. Earlier I had tried 3different kind of medicines and accupressure but it had not helped me so I was not sureabout going for treatment. However my client convinced me to try just one treatment and I took first treatment. I felt good and very next day I could open my mouth to bring my tounge out. I was very happy and I took 2 more treatments and I was able to open my mouth and eat my regular food in 3 days! I was filled with tears of joy and so thankful to Anjna. Anjna told me that she is only the instrument in healing. I should be thankful to the master, Dr. Usui : who re found Reiki and showed me his picture . So humble of her!
Pranav Maharaj
jaw locked

My mother was 70 and was not able to do her daily chores on her own and had sleeping problem. She was apathetic. we were looking for night time help for her. I met Anjna and talked about my mom's problem. She should her willingness to come to my mom's place and treat her with Pranic Healing and Reiki. To my surprise, my mom fall a sleep with in half an hour of treatment. After hour and half when treatment was over, Anjna came out and talked to other family members and told us that she felt something at one side of her neck and asked us to get her x-ray done for diagnose by Dr. My sisters got her bigest serprise with it. and told us that her MRI showed clot at the same spot where Anjna should! While we were talking my mom woke up and went to washroom on her own ! She send one child to the sitting room and sent message to ask anjna to come next day for treatment. After 3 treatments her clot was gone! After that she was able to do her daily chores on her own and lived for 5 years.
My mother's blood clot

15 days after my surgery; I took Reiki level 1 class. I was in lots of pain and discomfort. Once Attunment was done and I finished self treatment during the class; my discomfort was gone and I was so relaxed that I choose to learn all the levels of Usui and Karuna Reiki. I All ready taught Reiki to some friends!!!
Debbie Brummelthis
Student --- after surgery

During learning Reiki level 3, Anjna worked on my smoking habit. Within 20 days I Came down to 6 cigarettes a day from 35 a day! Though I relapsed ; I got excellent emotional release during treatment and felt very relaxed and calm afterwards. Looking forward to do Reiki Mastership. Jacque Thorne
Jacque Thorne
Student with smoking habit

It is wonderful to have treatment and learn Reiki from you Anjna. As a social worker for crises management, I get stressed out often so I do self treatment every day to keep me grounded and in balance. Denise Nutzon
Denise Nutzon
Student --Social worker

At seventh month of pregnancy,I was told by dr. after sound, that The baby boy has urinating problem. I was scared. Earlier I had miscarriage . My mom called Anjna and she gave me three treatments with pranic healing and Reiki for 3 consecutive days. And Intuitively told me by the time baby will be borne, will not have any such problem and ask me and my mom to continue with Reiki, as I have learned level 1 and my mom up to level 2 . I gave birth to a baby boy with out any problem and baby boy did not have any urinating problem.
Kinnary Rao
pregnancy and child birth 

I was to finish my assignment on last day for exam and suddenly felt chills fever and headache. I was not able to do anything. I called anjna for distance healing. She sent me Reiki and after half an hour, my symptoms disappeared and I could finish my assignment. Thanks anjna
Anurag Barot
chills, fever and headache--- distance healing

I was 11 and a half week pregnant and was not able to eat anything except some grapes and water. was vomiting and having nausea and taking 6 gravel a day! Soon after my first treatment to I felt very energised. Anjna offered me some thing to eat and I eat apricot and little
 bite of energy bar. To my surprise, I did not feel vomiting or nausea! wonderful! after 3 treatments I cut of 4 gravel !
Tara Staples
pregnant client

I was grieving for death of my son since last 4 years and use to wake up almost after each hour and remain awake for 20 minutes to half an hour and getting up at 4.30 am. The day I had my first treatment I slept till 8:30 a.m.!  Aches and pain  in my shoulders and arms was gone. After 3 treatments, I was able to go to my son's room and can manage to do clean up with out tears in my eyes.
client suffering with grief

I was to go for medical procedure before valve replacement surgery and was scared . I took 3 treatments from Anjna. At the very first treatment I felt lower and regulated heart rate and relaxed breathing. So I choose to learn 2 levels of Reiki to practice on my own. I hope it will help me to remain relaxed during my surgery in spring.
Charlene Oster
Client with heart problem  became Reiki Student

I feel relaxed, pain relief, happy and amazed with the energy work. I was to go for Chemo therapy so I choose to learn 2 levels of Reiki.
Kim Dirk
client and a student

My sciatica was bothering me for about 2 years. After 1st treatment my pain was almost gone. After 3 treatments, It was totally gone and never returned until now --- more then 3 years. After that I took 10 treatment in 3 years for different problems and each time it is a success.
Dick Cox

I have received Reiki treatments from Anjna for about 7 years a go. I found that each treatment has helped me enormously. I found that I was energised and that an unknown weight ( emotional or physically) was lifted after each treatment. I have felt certain pains totally disappear with treatment and I have gained true insight into the depth and wisdom of the healing energy of Reiki. I am so grateful that I have been introduced, treated and earned my Mastership in Reiki , taught by Anjna. If anyone should have the desire to learn Reiki, May your life and desires find your way to Anjna. Thank you , bless you Anjna.
Lorraine Crowder
reiki treatments for myself, for horses and Reiki learning